Tuesday, March 22, 2011



1) FOCUS audience and topic - write without editing, just express all points and ideas or information or story as much as possible
2) write at the same TIME, regularly
3) write FAST and efficiently
4) EDIT up to 10 times. See as the Eagle, with the "eye of the publisher", or public and focus the work objectively, as if someone else was the editor. You must see your work clearly. Edit it Cut it shrift, sharp, and sweet, no extra words, completely.

and the most important point of all; WRITE WITH LOVE.

if you don't love it, why do it at all. It must be for love. Also, make sure you have found a publisher target. Or publish it yourself. Sell 100 copies, and then take it to a publisher.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

whitedark man


"President Obama has stripes. He's black and white, and American all over."

"Yeah. But why do people always get on the President's case. Bush, Nixon, Clinton, they'll all get it, either the comic or the serious treatment, you know?"

"I suppose they do, but public figures are fair game. I get by because I'm not in the spotlight. Smart, I say. It's too bright. That's why I call myself whitedark man."

"That's funny. You look black to me?"

"I am, but I am white too, like Obama. I can't understand why people say he's black, or assume he's not mixed. It's even funnier that former Vice President Cheney is a relative. He's white, as far as we can tell. But they are on him like stink on you know what, too. And Afro-Americans? Should they say they are American or African, or what? The identity complex is the strangest thing."

"Stranger country still, that we even consider race an issue, with so many Chinese, Euros, Indians, Jews, Asians, Latino's, et all. That there is a need to politic over race is really a dis-ease. I don't see the point. It don't matter to me if I am white, or black. Why should it to someone else?"

"Exasperating. Equal opportunity and blacks still calling the race card too. Some get on Obama, thinking he favors blacks, or he doesn't favor them enough. You can't win for losing."

"That's why Whitedark is here. I may be a piece of meat, but now I am a little bit of Soul, too. I hope American's will open the door, say it like it should be, make it like it is. That's why I am here, and all those Indians and equal rights immigrants deserve they're share, even if it is to be sent where they came from, being as they illegally arrived. It is a crime, is it not?

"But that is the same as negotiating race, isn't it? Nationality is much the same. All those distinctions make more war than peace."

"Maybe that's right to. I say yes, and yay. The sooner the better. It's a duality question. If we have to make race or nation a factor, lets put it in balance. They're should be an international and a national condition. That is to say, let's make the Whitedark man the same as all the rest, except when he is original, which I am. So rights of man and rights of nations are unified, and also they are different.
There has to be the proper distinction, and proper inclusion. Like a black and white movie is the same as the colorized, except it's not. The same that we are spiritual beings, and we are human. I heard that is what human means, Hu the spirit, Man the physical"

"Right, and go on Whitedark. Are you running for anything?"

Nope. I just want to be free, like anyone else. I want to speak for all the Whitedarks, and also just for myself. Not the leader, not the follower. The universal code has to be agreed to, and I don't want an office. I only seek to be a truth speaker, and let the offices of nation or politic get to the best for all. Whitedark man lives, even if he is only one man in a sea of humans. Still, let us see the men as the same. Soulfully, I hope."

"So can you say what the Whitedark speaks for?"

"No more national rights for special race or national affiliations."
"No more limitation based on race or color, sex, or creed."
"No more political agenda based on the same."
"and the Inclusion of every one in a universal way, economically, spiritually, and personally."

"That is as far as Whiteman will go. The rest is up to US and YOU".

Monday, February 9, 2009


The writing editing style: Five important points to make:

Editing is needed - up to 10 times per any good book.

Do not repeat words or phrases 'repeatedely" (smile)
or same the same thing too often.

Be sure your sharp and simple, clear and concise, and short and sweet.

Try to say something new or different - Telling a new story is always good.

Make it readable and clearly directed.

A second set of five writing points: Keep strong notes and use them - have outlines and table of contents.

Make a synopsis to tell yourself what your writing on and for. Think what your audience is, and what people will respect.

Make sure you refer the proper references.

Don't use other sources or plagiarism.

Avoid Cliches at almost any cost.

I love writing. Creativity and imagination is one of the greatest features but is only half the game. The other is probably in the word Love. Write what you feel, and feel what you write, with love and passion.

There goeth the great writers before I and thy.

Best; Paneagle, Eaglewriters7.blogspot. WRITE ON.

Saturday, January 26, 2008



To know the sublime thought of a natural thing, and to make the sweet nectar of the heart sing, to taste the natural golden elixer of life, and to see the sunset in your eyes!

A good writer once said that poetry is the language of the gods. It speaks of the divine, to the personal and the intimate. A real poet knows that his words speak to his life, and makes sure spoken or written, he speaks well of his prospects, and to the world he will live in. The future comes of the present thought as much as of our deeds. Indeed, we are the writers of our life.

Here poets can bring
a few ways to turn life around with a simple phrase and those sweeter words, that allow us to feel a divine sense and can make a profound difference, if you will let it, on others, as well as to our own being.


Every word is a symphony,
every voice comes back to your returned,
every sound is Soul's speech of love,
every heart has this connection to its beloved.


The letting go of water, The speaking well of a friend,
the reaching of the art of craft, the touching of love in the moment.

If you can just use those sweet genuine loving words
If you can remove the dross and release the stress
If you can simply state imagination to the present
If you can only say gently what feels promising or endearing

Now you have heard THE POET HEART speaking to spirit
Now you have known the ROMANCE OF WRITING YOUR LIFE
Now you have seen the ONE MASTER principle in all creation
Now you have drawn THE PAINTING of a great dream


You are writing your life upon the world, every day. We must all know we co-create our reality, making our world as it for us personally and universally. It is a pleasure to realize this within, first as a hope, then as a reality. The first stage is to realize your life is what you have made it based on your past and present understanding, background, interests, talents, attitudes and beliefs. The rest of your life is dependent on how well you reform or remake yourself in the attention of these points, and value the true principles of existence. Your life can be written and is being written now. So what words will you put in the book of life today?

Life is an experience of expression, and can be of excellence, excitement, exuberance and even ecstasy. Paneagle will help you write your life with timing and life purpose in direction and beauty, so please send email to paneagle or write a comment with your own contact.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007



NOW YOU WALK INTO THE ROOM. People everywhere, and you have to wonder.
It becomes invisible, you cannot be talked to, or heard. You cannot
be seen, but you see everyone. It is easy to see who is who, and what is what.
You seem to have a sixth sense, and suddenly, all your thoughts come out.
in appearance, right in front of you.



more to come..The line says.
You walk into the room, and through the door into your own world.
What do you see? Have you been able to imagine it?
A song with words sings out to you.

"If you imagine, in a moment you will see,
you have risen above the world,
and you can fly, we together we can ride
on that wave of light and sound."

And the world indeed is like a great ocean,
with waves rolling sweetly into the distance
and a feeling of such love is there,
peace, calm, beauty, and grace. It's all there.
and you see something more. As you feel this
you also know that it all comes with you,
wherever you will go. That same peace joins
with whomever you see, and you feel this,
in them, and in you, even if it is soft, and
not strong, but like water, gentle on your palm.

For eternal, your world is,
and you see that it is, it lives.

What more to come? Here it is!

Sunday, December 16, 2007



Past the quiescent state of mind
we bold as sun, flower bright
peace is not always needed now
for we carry that certainty with us
as life is, for both seeker and saint
for rhymes are not the only poets way
for sound and song and each rhythm on
to listen to the melody and harmony
that live deeply in words and change
the rain comes softly or hard as nails
but bitter and sour taste much the same
in the detached self realized yet active day
that sings in these sonnets and living pain
here where sinners release and singers remain


In all things is the Way and the way follows all things; For if you knew the Way, it would show you it was you, yet if you think you know what you know not, then it will come to show you it was following at a safe distance, so as not to fall and trip, when you do.

How then to know the Way? If it be all, it is nothing and has nothing to say, yet if you will observe life as it does, and listen, as the wind for the heart knows, then the Way will show, if you become as it is, for nothing less ever was, nor anything more.


I'm just a baby, just a child
always wondering, always wild
It's just a heaven here and now
find your child within and smile

Just a dreamer, just a dream
we live eternal, yet here we be
to feel the ocean, ride the sky
always a dreamer, always a child!

Yet now old as the sky
been here on earth long and deep
but free in soul is this mirth and joy
so quiet in the sacred or silence sweet!



Ancient days like the same sun shine on flowers and streets
And rain like wine or drought sewn words into the light
The Living One is with all if it’s with one
while Rumi lasts as long as his love does
And poems sing in the same rivers
Flowing to the eternal sound of ocean

This song may not force or fear
The ru-ju is verse to the wisdom in nature
Where spirit voice is the inspired or deep
The taken drop of love to its choice
And there is a believable end to disharmony

And to this day as ancient as all.

The choice of angst youth will not ride
The forced collusion of system and worlds
The people will arrive to this endless speech
The HU that hears itself in you


Song is sound, wild ecstatic or smooth calm
The astrics of new words only if you hear the original
That is taking us to the pure and true
And its not religion or governing
These elements of soft and real
It is eagles flying above the earth
A silence in the motion, live and fluid
The living water not written
The song that illuminates the reality
And in this we hear your words


The wordless message in nirvana
A losing battle against anger
The missing place of a heart in distance
The lead singer takes to heart his message

The sympathy for people killing
Terrible unseen things in the hills
The channel of sound in teen spirits
wisdom only of empathic listening

The superflous evidence of antipathy
The edification of rights of identity
The sinphony of something unheard
In the sound open brilliance turned in black and fire

Do they imagine what learning is
Do they sing the endless word of Orpheus
Even now the path passes the understanding
And this creative is not the end of living




Saturday, December 15, 2007


"Sunset colors open your eyes
Blue green yellow green flash surprise
Feel the magic of ocean and tides
as we hear the music of sound and light
but how did you get that
sunset in your eyes?"

@Song and lyrics by Peter Marshall Adams

Whether great music Lyrics or poems set to sound, you can write song lyrics and make them feel to fit in rhythm and rhyme, and even write lyrically like a butterfly passing by, or reaching someone you love. The write word can turn any head your way, and a perfect song will be a sure thing.

Peter Adams has been told his prose style is poetic. Words that flow like a river. Yours can too, with some simple techniques. Number one is to have the intention to write beautifully. Choose words that have good feeling. Even if they don't make sense at first, they will. They will find a way to fit in. The object is to create beauty, in whatever form it comes.

Keith Richard uses a phrase, "incoming", whenever he feels a song coming on. He gets ready to record it or write it down. Second is to be ready when inspiration comes. A great song can be put down in a short time. Breathtaking. Get a feel for a rhythm, and let the words flow. Be ready with pen or recorder.

Third, lyricists can make the most of a sound template. Whichever genre, they shift their attention to the best words, looking for fit and form, but also open to change and diversity. They stretch the words, even making up new ones. De-Lovely is a first example. That word just flows with the pattern, but don't get caught in using too many words, or rhyming. It odesn't have to rhyme, but it has to have the feel. Emotion and thought combined make a strong attraction.

Third, show the song to someone. You need feedback. Be not afraid, dear writer. Once you have something original down, you must look at the whole of it. What is the real message of the song? If it works, it works universally. Even a rocker can find a good country song to his taste. It can probably be switched from rock to jazz to even a soundtrack of classic, if done correctly. Some famous songs came from classical pieces, such as going home by Dvorak. Themes and melodies are borrowed all the time.

Eagle Works shall explore great writers and great writing in this blog. Do not be give up. One song can make you enough to retire on. Just ask the author of peaceful easy feeling. He is still riding that feeling to the bank every day.

email paneagle for immediate song lyric or writing expertise. He has written
3 E-books, scripts poems, songs, stories, novels, self-help articles, in every genre, and is award winning co-author of text for relationships software.